Amethyst Healing Crystals and Gemstones

What are Amethyst Healing Crystals?

Amethyst Healing Crystals and Gemstones are representative of the following spiritual healing characteristics: Intuition, Protection, Cleansing

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, which is found all over the world. However, not many places have the dark and beautiful color we know to be a variety of purple. Some are dark, others are light, but it is always purple.


Amethyst Healing Crystal

Where are Amethyst Healing Crystals from?

Amethyst gemstones are known to be found everywhere in the world, on all 7 continents. They are found when iron and aluminum are present during the formation of the crystal within the rock. They are included within jewelry quite often, as they are considered to be very beautiful.

Amethyst is formed under the same conditions as Citrine, and is even known by a nickname of burnt amethyst! The two types of healing crystals, are only different, by the circumstances of their formation. Citrine is created, when the amethyst is exposed to heat while forming. In this rare combination, the stone is called ametrine. The stone has a gradient from an orange to a purple, and is highly sought after.

Given their vast quantity and availability, some have even formed as geodes. This means they're hollow on the inside with large crystal surfaces, growing inward.

Amethyst healing crystals have been used in jewelry and spiritual practices dating back to as far as 10,000 BC! 

What are Amethyst Healing Crystals used for?

Amethyst is considered to be a powerhouse healing crystal. It creates spiritual protection against negative energy, with its high frequency vibrations. It helps to awaken ones higher consciousness, and assist in making wise decisions without the confusion associated from emotional interference. It also helps to encourage and facilitate meditation and ones intuition.

How can I benefit from Amethyst Healing Crystals all the time?

When not meditating and using amethyst healing gemstones actively, a good maintenance is to wear the gemstone in jewelry, or carry it close to you. When you mentally focus on it, you are being receptive to it's energies and resonance. We carry Amethyst Healing Crystals as solo items as well as jewelry.

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