Who are we, and what is EarthySiren?

We have been inspired by Mother Nature's natural beauty, and intrigued by it's incredible formations of healing crystals. So inspired, that we have built an entire business focused almost exclusively on earthy jewelry and spiritual healing crystals as an online boutique. We provide information and guidance in order to help teach about the natural and powerful capabilities of spiritual healing crystals. Some of our items are just stones, and are preferred for use as aids in meditation. Most of our items otherwise, are Healing Crystals incorporated into the usual forms of jewelry. Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, and Rings.

We are based exclusively online. This allows us to pass on the savings of not having a business storefront, to you!

We are more than just an earthy jewelry store! We live and breathe, a natural, unrefined philosophy. To keep our answer short and sweet, it is considered to be unconventional, and very free spirited. Almost an opposite of what to expect from a Corporate Business environment, where people are tightly wound, while being meticulously and painstakingly prepared for their mundane daily "tasks." 

We don't have flashy cars, or big fancy houses filled with the latest TVs and gadgets. While the rest of the world is uptight and rigid while acting cold with expectations of each other, we at EarthySiren are free spirited and free flowing! We style our hair loose, with our clothes flowing and comfortably! Most of our jewelry showcases the natural formations of Mother Nature, and the best she has to offer. Diamonds for instance, are not considered expensive until they have been cut more than 60 times, to refract the light through a bunch of tiny little angles! As if the thousands of angles from a quartz geode formation or the swirling colors of abalone are somehow less beautiful.

We try to always be living life at its best possible, while exploring and experiencing what Mother Nature has provided for us. From the oceans and the beaches, to the forest and the mountains, we can be found anywhere and everywhere. Out and about, with Mother Nature, Father Sun, and hopefully Lady Luck!

We believe everyone should dance like no one's watching, and we are just fine if it's only us dancing. And on occasion we can be known as a "let's paint the waterfall we saw earlier today," kind of people. Even if that means calling the painting "abstract" when finished, because it resembles just a bunch of paint splattered everywhere. Who cares? We had fun out there, and a blast making a mess of a time on the canvas as well!

Our three most important business priorities:

We strive to provide the highest level of security checks and balances possible, in order to protect your privacy, keep your payment information securely encrypted, and your peace of mind. Whether you are at home, at work, or on the go, you can rest assured your order is safe with us.

We strive to provide all of our customers with the best individual customer service possible. We will provide any support requested, and always try to provide the most convenient shopping experience online. We have developed a schedule between our staff, to almost ALWAYS have someone available when needed. Our average wait time according to our facebook messaging is 6 minutes. We're very proud of that.

We strive to provide the BEST DEALS in Natural Earthy Jewelry and Fashion. All of our products are designed, selected, and sourced, to be specifically tailored for the smart shopper looking for the latest fashion at an affordable price.

You are not just a sales number, you are also an Earthy Siren! Let us help you find what you're looking for.

Are you unsure what healing crystals to look for? We have written an article explaining at a beginner's level, what healing crystals are, how they are used, why they are significant as integrated into the meditation process, who should use them, and finally, some of the ailments that can be removed by incorporating healing crystals into your healing and meditation process.

Read the article here.

Maybe you have seen a symbol with a tree on it? A lot of jewelry is adorned with this symbol, and it is more than just an attractive design. It is known as the Tree of Life, and holds many values, brilliantly incorporated within it's simple design. We go in depth on its meaning, in an article linked below. We have dedicated a section to the tree of life, and offer everything from rings, bracelets, necklaces, jewelry, and tapestries, that are adorn with this powerful symbol.

Read the article here.
Browse our Tree of Life collection here.

Are you unfamiliar with the 7 Chakras? We have written an article for the beginner, wanting to learn all about the 7 Chakras. We explain what they are, what they represent, and where they are located, including affirmations, and stones that represent them. The 7 Chakras are such a large part of our meditation process, that we have dedicated an entire section, on the 7 Chakras. This includes gemstones with association to each Chakra, jewelry that includes each of the stones together, and tapestries to help with the energy levels of your home.

Read the article here.
Browse our 7 Chakra collection here.

Do you have something in mind that hasn't been mentioned yet? We are always increasing our selection of items, as we search the global market for the best items available for our wonderful friends. Sometimes, we haven't thought of something that might be a great help to everyone. But, with a seed in mind, and our vast reach worldwide, we are able to find almost anything we can think of. Let us know what we're missing!

We love hearing from our friends, and always interested in your feedback. Use the Contact Us button, on the bottom left of your screen, to send a message directly.

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